"Donald Patriquin is one of Canada's most pre-eminent composers, whose music I have enjoyed performing for many years. His compositions are energetic, accessible, well crafted and my choirs love them. He has a wonderful way of taking quintessentially Canadian folk songs and making them art music for everybody to enjoy - the singers and the audience alike."

Elise Bradley, Artistic Director of the Toronto Children's Chorus

Choral music composer and sheet music publisher Donald Patriquin is known for his energetic and inspiring music and for bringing world music to the choral stage. His compositions have been described as “sophisticated and challenging, yet accessible to all audiences”.

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SA CHRISTMAS (Collections)

Overture to Christmas

Overture to Christmas is based on a suite of carols new and old. It is supported by a sparkling piano accompaniment with optional percussion.

Overture to Christmas is also available for 3 choirs; satb, satb, and ssa.

Overture to Christmas (7:30) ssa+pn, opt 3 perc  CHORAL SCORE  AT424.8   $2.50

pdf Overture to Christmas (7:30) ssaa+pn, opt 3 perc  FULL SCORE  AT424.12   $18.00

    Overture to Christmas (7:30) Piano-only SCORE  AT425.8   $8.00 each

pdf Overture to Christmas (7:30) Percussion parts  AT422   $15 set 

Three Appalachian Carols

Complete set  (12 pp)  AT825.12  $3.45 ($5.85 if ordered as separate octavos)

  pdf Jesus, Jesus Rest Your Head (3:30)  saa & harp or piano  AT826.4  $1.95 

  pdf Jesus the Christ is Born (2:10)  saa & harp or piano AT827.4  $1.95     

  pdf I Wonder as I Wander (3:30)  saa & harp or piano AT828.4  $1.95 


Christmas Singles

  A Child's Carol (4:09)  (words & music Donald Patriquin) s(s)a+piano, opt 1 or 2 flutes AT805.4  $1.95 

    for more information about this piece, and a sample of the music, click here

   pdf Carol of the Field Mice (2:04) (poem K. Grahame ‘Wind in the Willows’) ssaa+harp/pn  AT810.8  $2.25   

   Come and See the Little Child (gospel) (3:30) unis/sa/sab/satb a cap/pn, opt gt  CHORAL AT433.4  $1.95

   Come and See the Little Child (gospel) (3:30)  unis/sa/sab/satb a cap/pn, opt gt  FULL SCORE  AT434.8  $5.00

                            FULL SCORE  for ‘Come and See the Little Child’ will be available in October 2009    

   pdf Coventry Carol  (with interludes) ssaa+harp/piano  AT814.6  $2.15

    Magnificat (The Song of Mary) (6:00)  ssa(a) a cappella  AT820.8  $2.25   

    Magnificat (for Women’s or Children’s voices) (5:51)  Sssa & organ  AT27.12  $2.65 

   pdf On Christmas Day (As I sat on a sunny bank…) (1:33)  ssaa+harp/piano  AT812.8  $2.25 

pdf Magnificat for Turning (poem Wendy MacLean) (c 8’)  ssa(a)+kbd, opt cello  FULL SCORE AT831.24                         $10.00  

   Magnificat for Turning (poem Wendy MacLean) (c 8’)  ssa(a)+kbd,opt cello CHORAL SCORE AT830.12  $2.65                    

   Magnificat for Turning (poem Wendy MacLean) (c 8’)  ssa(a)+kbd, opt cello  FULL SCORE AT832  $5.00

SA CHRISTMAS (Short Hymns, Blessings, Introits, etc...)

   pdf The Time has Come to Watch and Pray (1:10) unis/satb/sa +Kbd/a cappella  AT435.4  $1.95

         The copyable congregational version of ‘The Time has Come…’, an Advent Introit with lyrics by

         Dale Skinner, is available in PDF at no cost with 10 or more ordered copies of the score.

         Email info@DonaldPatriquin.com