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  Star of the County Down (2:41)  Tttbb+piano, earthsongs S-126  $1.70US

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Three Songs of Love and Nonsense  (10 min.)

Full set. Includes:

  Full score for On This Hill & I’ll Go See plus vocal score only for J’entends (reg. $7:15)  AT520.28  $5.15

  pdf On This Hill There was a Tree  (1:50)  t(t)tbb+piano  AT521.8  $2.25

  pdf I’ll Go See My Love (3:46) (Trad. Ontario folk ballad)  ttbb+piano  AT522.8  $2.25

  pdf J'entends le moulin Full Score (3:52)  ttbb+piano, opt: finger cymb trg wd.bk claves  AT523.20  $10.00

  J'entends le moulin Vocal only (3:52)  ttbb, opt: finger cymb trg wd.bk claves  AT524.12  $2:65

  J'entends le moulin Piano score only (no percussion - which is all in the complete/vocal scores)  AT525.8  $5.00

Commissioned by the Cantabile Men's Chorus, Kingston ON; Mark Sirett, Director. 

Premiere in 2009 directed by Diane Loomer

pdf Innoria (Huron Dance Song) (1:19)  ttbb+piano, opt:drum  Full score  AT530.4  $1.95

pdf Overture to Christmas (7:30) ttbb+pn, opt 3 perc FULL SCORE  AT542.24  $18.00

Overture… (7:30) ttbb+pn, opt 3 perc Choral+Piano SCORE  AT544.18  $4.50

pdf Overture… (7:30) ttbb+pn, opt 3 perc CHORAL SCORE (voices only) AT543.12  $3.50

Overture to Christmas (7:30) Piano-part-only  AT545.8  $8.00 each

pdf Overture to Christmas (7:30) Percussion parts  AT542  $15 set

(All of the above are available in PDF format at 50%, with volume discount. Contact A Tempo)

"I loved the final version of 'Hangman's Reel/Suite Carignan'...I think they'll be dancing it for quite a long time to come!"

Brian Macdonald, Choreographer, Artistic Director, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens

Choral music composer and sheet music publisher Donald Patriquin is known for his energetic and inspiring music and for bringing world music to the choral stage. His compositions have been described as “sophisticated and challenging, yet accessible to all audiences”.

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