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Canada We Love You!/Canada je t’aime!

   This was sung at the Opening Night of the “O Zone” at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, for more info click here

  Canada We Love You!/Canada je t’aime! (Lyrics:Sunil Mahtani)  ssa+kbd  CHORAL ONLY AT722.6  $2.15

   pdf  Canada We Love You!/Canada je t’aime! (Lyrics:Sunil Mahtani)  ssa+kbd  FULL SCORE AT723.12  $3.00

   Canada We Love You!/je t’aime (4:15)  combo (pn fl gt bass dr) COMBO SCORE AT724.12  $10.00

   Canada We Love You!/je t’aime (4:15)  combo (pn fl gt bass dr) SET PARTS AT725  $15.00

   Luna, Nul One (A haunting song of the moon) (4:00)  SSsssAaaa+glock/pn  AT721.8  $2.25 

   Montréal Montreal! (3:00)  sa/unison+piano  AT720.4 $1.95

  pdf The Parking Lot Song (2:30) (fun environmental song by Bevan Skerratt)  s(s)a/unis+pn  AT903.4  $1.95

  pdf With Their Hands Out (3:05) (lyrics by Brian Merrett – all about street people)  sa/sab+pn  AT37.8  $2.25

SA SECULAR ORIGINAL 2. Collections & extended

Songs of Innocence On Poems of William Blake, 1789  (19:40)

   Complete set  (45 pp)  AT700.48  $12.00  ($13.60 if ordered as separate octavos) 

   Prelude-Introduction-Epilogue  (1:30)  Prelude hp fl; Int-Eplg: ssaa+hp, fl  AT710.10  $2.45 

   Infant Joy  (2:19)  SAssaa+hp/piano,  flute  AT712.4  $1.95 

   The Shepherd  (2:29)  ssaa+hp/piano  AT713.6  $2.15 

   Nurse's Song  (2:39)  ssaa+hp/piano,  flute  AT714.10  $2.45 

   A Cradle Song  (5:13)  ssaa+flute  AT715.6  $2.15 

   A Dream  (3:40)  ssaa+hp/piano  AT716.10  $2.45 

   Epilogue (1:00)  (The Epilogue is identical to the Introduction) 

This suite was commissioned by the St. Lawrence Choir of Montreal, Iwan Edwards conductor.

It may be accompanied by piano or harp.



   pdf En roulant ma boule roulant (Fr. Canadian folksong) (8:00) saa/ssa+piano,  Full score AT625.20  $5.00

   En roulant ma boule roulant (French Canadian folksong) (8:00) choir-only score AT625.12  $2.85

   Gentil coquelicot (Fr. Canadian folksong ‘Gentle poppy’)  s(sa)a+piano  earthsongs S-178  $1.95US  

   Kali's Song (6:17)  ssa+piano  earthsongs S-194  $1.90US

      An arrangement of Martin Donnelly’s majestic song of the sea

   Vive la canadienne (French Canadian folksong) (3:40)  ssaa (opt sa div) +piano  AT624.12  $2.65

     Vive la Canadienne was recently chosen for the prestigious Unisong competition, click here for more details

SA SECULAR ARRANGEMENTS 2. Collections & extended

World Music Suite One (21:00) 

All with piano accompaniment Jean Ashworth Bartle Choral Series    

Commissioned by the Toronto Children's Chorus; Jean Ashworth Bartle, conductor

Full score set  ssa+piano, opt: clarinet, French horn, cello, woodblock  earthsongs W-54 (Full)  $19.95US 

Instrumental parts (Full set - clarinet, French horn, cello, woodblock) earthsongs W54p  $30.00US

   Cabbage Tree Hat (Australia) (2:28)  s(s)a+piano, optional: cl  earthsongs W-54a  $1.85US  

   Taivas on sininen (Finland) (3:11)  s(s)a+piano, optional: hn vc  earthsongs W-54b  $1.70US  

   Stuttering Lovers (Great Britain) (2:39)  ssa+piano, optional: cl  earthsongs W-54c  $1.85US  

   Ach! Synku Synku (Czechoslovakia) (5:35)  ssa+piano, optional: cl vc earthsongs W-54d  $1.85US  

   Deep River (U.S.A) (3:22)  ssa+piano, optional: vc hn  earthsongs W-54e  $1.70  

   I Went to the Market (Quebec) (3:15)  ssa+piano, opt cl hn vc  earthsongs W-54f  $1.90US  

The original SSAA version of World Music Suite One was commissioned by the Toronto Children's Chorus;

Jean Ashworth Bartle, conductor.

Pronunciation CDs are available. Please see earthsongs site:

Complete set on compact disc: Carmina Slovenica directed by Karmina Silec  earthsongs CD-14 $16.00US

World Music Suite Two (a.k.a Canadian Mosaic)

A suite of nine folk song arrangements drawn from Canada's diverse cultures

All with piano accompaniment unless otherwise indicated

Complete set  (57 pp) (32 min)  AT600.60  $14.95 ($19.95 if ordered as separate octavos) 

   pdf Tsimshian Welcome Chant (Brit. Columbia potlatch chant) (1:23) ssaa a cap, opt. dr  AT610.4  $1.95  

   pdf Sakura (Japanese folksong) (3:54) ssa+ piano  AT611.8  $2.25  

   pdf Hevenu Shalom A'leychem (Trad. Jewish song) (1:20)  ssaa + piano  AT612.4  $1.95  

   Weather Chant (Inuit - Northern Canada) (3:01)  ssaa + ‘monotones’ a cappella  AT613.6  $2.15  

   Flower Drum Song (Trad. Chinese song) (5:25)  ssaa + piano  AT614.8  $2.25  

   pdf On the Mountain (Ukrainian folksong) (2:50)  ssaa + piano, clapping  AT615.8  $2.25  

   pdf Water Come to Me Eye (Trad. Jamaican song) (4:05)  (S)sa or saa + piano, opt. perc  AT616.8  $2.25 

   pdf I'll Go See My Love (Ontario Ballad) (3:46)  ssaa + piano  AT617.8  $2.25  

   C'est l'aviron (Québecois 'canoe' song) (4:50)  ssaa + piano, opt. wd bk  AT618.12  $2.65 

Originally titled Canadian Mosaic, this suite was commissioned by the English Montreal School Board Choral, Montreal, Quebec; Erica Phare and Patricia Abbott conductors.

Six Songs of Early Canada  (16:00)

All with piano accompaniment except for Morning Star

   Innoria (Huron Dance Song) (1:19)  ssaa+piano, opt.drum  earthsongs W-07a  $1.60US 

   The Wreck of the S.S. Ethie (Newfoundland) (2:42)  sa+piano  earthsongs W-07b  $1.85US 

   Ah! Si mon moine ne voulait danser (Québec) (2:19)  s(s)aa+pn,  earthsongs W-07c  $1.85US

   The False Young Man (Ontario) (4:15)  ssaa+piano  earthsongs W-07d  $1.85US 

   Morning Star (Saskatchewan; Hungarian/English) (1:42)  ssaa+piano  earthsongs W-07e  $1.60US 

   Savory, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme (British Columbia) (3:02)  ssaa+piano  earthsongs W-07f  $1.85US 

Commissioned by Havergal College Choir, Toronto, CANADA

Trois chansons folkloriques

A suite of three folk songs from French Canada

   J'entends le moulin (3:52) sa/ss)+piano, opt: finger cymb trg wd.bk claves  earthsongs W-10 $1.90US 

   J'entends le moulin piano score. (The piano part is not in the choral score)  earthsongs W-10a  $1.90US

   Un Canadien errant (4:45)  unison+piano  earthsongs W-26  $1.60US   

   Les raftsmen (3:05)  ssa+piano  earthsongs W-47  $1.95US 

‘J’entends le moulin’ was commissioned by the English Montreal School Board Chorale, Erica Phare conductor.

New 2012, as premiered at ACCC’s Podium (A Tempo Music)

    Un Canadien errant (4:45)  SSAA+piano  AT627.12  $2.65

Three Songs of Love from the British Isles 

   Complete set  (20 pp) (7:30)  ($6.55)  if ordered as separate octavos) AT620.20  $5.00

   pdf All Through the Night  (Wales) (2:16) s(s)a+piano AT621.6  $2.15

   pdf The Oak and the Ash (Ireland) (2:16)  s(s)a+piano AT622.6  $2.15

   pdf  Early One Morning (England) (2:30)  s(s)a+piano AT623.8  $2.25

Commissioned by the Ottawa Children’s Choir in tribute to Yvonne Navratil. Première conducted by Robert Filion

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“Donald Patriquin's arrangements of Canadian folk songs give both our singers and audiences a burst of energy. We've included at least one of these pieces on most of our major tours, to rave reviews.”

Morna Edmundson, Co-Conductor, Elektra Women's Choir, Vancouver

Choral music composer and sheet music publisher Donald Patriquin is known for his energetic and inspiring music and for bringing world music to the choral stage. His compositions have been described as “sophisticated and challenging, yet accessible to all audiences”.

For more information, to contact Donald Patriquin, click here