"Congratulations! The Composition Search Committee has selected your composition 'Antiphon and The Child of Mary' as one of the group of four pieces to be performed in New York City by the Musicians of Melodious Accord. It is just the kind of work we were seeking: a well-chosen text, lovingly set in music that is grateful to sing and communicative to the audience...our heartfelt thanks for writing this beautiful work."

"What a pleasure it has been to meet you and to sing your music. May it happen often in the future!"    

Alice Parker, Composer, Conductor, USA

Choral music composer and sheet music publisher Donald Patriquin is known for his energetic and inspiring music and for bringing world music to the choral stage. His compositions have been described as “sophisticated and challenging, yet accessible to all audiences”.

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SATB Christmas Collections

Overture to Christmas

Overture to Christmas is based on a suite of carols new and old. It is supported by a sparkling piano accompaniment with optional percussion. 

Overture to Christmas is also available for 3 choirs; satb, satb, and ssa.


   pdf Overture to Christmas (7:30) satb+pn, opt 3 perc CHORAL SCORE  AT423.12   $3.50

   Overture to Christmas (7:30) satb+pn, opt 3 perc FULL SCORE  AT423.24   $18.00 

    Overture to Christmas (7:30) Piano-only SCORE  AT425.8   $8.00 each

    pdf Overture to Christmas (7:30) Percussion parts  AT422   $15 set     


   Overture to Christmas (7:30) satb, satb, ssa+pn, opt 3 perc CHORAL SCORE  AT419.24   $6.00

   Overture to Christmas (7:30) satb, satb, ssa+pn, opt 3 perc FULL SCORE  AT420.48   $18.00 

    Overture to Christmas (7:30) TWO-piano-only SCORE (2 needed!)  AT421.16   $8.00 each

    pdf Overture to Christmas (7:30) Percussion parts  AT422   $15 set 

Six Noels Anciens

(all a cappella)

Commissioned by The Faculty of Music Concert  Choir, Faculty of Music, McGill University, Fred Stoltzfus


NEW 2010: the Six Noels Anciens may be ordered in pdf as a suite of six pieces from A Tempo. Pdf set: $6.00

                   Please contact A Tempo directly (donaldpatriquin@gmail.com).

     Venez, mes enfants (1:14)  ssaatbb a cappella,  earthsongs C-04A

     Quelle est cette odeur agreeable (3:57)  ssatb a cappella, earthsongs C-04B $1.75

     Tous les bourgeois de Châtres (2:11)  ssaatb a cappella, earthsongs C-04C $1.75

  pdf Noel Nouvelet (2:01)  ssatbb a cappella, AT314.8 $2.25

   pdf Nous voici dans la ville (4:46)  ssatbb a cappella,  Kelman Hall $2.25

    pdf Une vierge féconde (2:39)  ssatb a cappella,  Kelman Hall $2.25

Three Appalachian Carols

    Complete set  (12 pp)  AT825.12  $4.50 ($5.85 if ordered as separate octavos)

   pdf Jesus, Jesus Rest Your Head (3:30)  satb & harp or piano  AT426.4  $1.95 

   pdf Jesus the Christ is Born (2:10)  satb & harp or piano AT427.4  $1.95     

   pdf I Wonder as I Wander (3:30)  satb & harp or piano AT428.4  $1.95 

The original SSA Three Appalachian Carols were commissioned by the Pot Pourri Choir; Susan Reininger, conductor

SATB Christmas Singles


   Antiphon and The Child of Mary (6:10)  ssaattbb, countertenor or alto solo a cappella  AT310.12   

    ‘Antiphon…’ is based on an ancient carol that turned up in Newfoundland, Canada.  

    ‘Antiphon…’ won the Melodious Accord Award (Alice Parker, New York) for new choral music.

    Il est né le divin enfant ("Swingle!") (2:28)  ssatbb, opt cb, drum set  AT311.12 $2.65 

    We Wish You a Merry Christmas  (2:12) satb a cappella  Waterloo

     pdf A'Soalin’ (incl. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen) (3:29)  opt cb, drum set  a cappella  AT312.8 $2.25  

    Sister Mary Had One Child (Afro-American) 4:12  opt cb, congas  a cappella Canadian Int. Music 1038 

    A Child's Carol 4:09  satb+piano, opt. 1 or 2 flutes Canadian International Music 

    For more information about A Child’s Carol, click here

    Chantons Noël  (full score) (5')  ssaatb fl ob vn vc kbd (or baroque insts.)  AT416.36 

    Chantons Noël (choral score) (5') ssaatb  AT417.8 

    Chantons Noël (Choir with Piano accompaniment) (5') satb+piano  AT417.12  $2.65 

    Come and See the Little Child (gospel) (3:30) unis/sa/sab/satb a cap/pn, opt gt  CHORAL AT433.4  $1.95

    Come and See the Little Child (gospel) (3:30)  unis/sa/sab/satb a cap/pn, opt gt  FULL SCORE  AT434.8  $5.00


    Puer Nobis Nascitur (3:02)  ssaatb,  fl glock perc gt vc  Full score  AT429.16 $6.00  

      Commissioned by The Elmer Iseler Singers of Toronto for a CBC concert and Christmas 

    Puer Nobis Nascitur (3:02)  ssaatb  Choral score AT430.4  $1.95

    Puer Nobis Nascitur (3:02)  ssaatb  SET PARTS AT431  $6.00

       …A highly individual exploration of musical beauty, Donald Patriquin’s folk song treatment of

       Puer Nobis Nascitur is fresh and unexpected. WHOLENOTE (Allan Pulker)

    Canite Tuba (6:17)  satb divisi,  3 tpt 3 trb trg timp perc FULL SCORE AT440.28 $12.00 

    Canite Tuba (6:17) satb divisi Choral score AT441.8   $2.25

      Canite Tuba (6:17) satb divisi,  3 tpt 3 trb trg timp perc SET PARTS AT442 $10.00 

    Canite Tuba (6:17) satb divisi,  3 tpt 3 trb trg timp perc ORGAN only SCORE AT443.8 $4.00 

      Canite Tuba was commissioned by CBC in 2004  for the 25th anniversary of the CBC annual Christmas Sing-in

    Carol of the Field Mice (lyrics K. Grahame’s ‘Wind in the Willows’) satb a cappella Earthsongs C-01  $1.60

SATB CHRISTMAS: Short Hymns, Blessings, Introits, etc. .

  pdf The Time has Come to Watch and Pray (1:10) unis/satb/sa +Kbd/a cappella  AT435.4  $1.95

The copyable congregational version of ‘The Time has Come…’, an Advent Introit with lyrics by

Dale Skinner, is available in PDF at no cost with 10 or more ordered copies of the score.  info@DonaldPatriquin.com