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    pdf A Gaelic Blessing (original) (4:00) (Eng. or Fr.) satb & piano, opt.fl  AT17.6  $2.15

    pdf A Gaelic Blessing (original) (2:00) (English only) satb & piano, opt.fl AT17.4 $1.95

    A Gaelic Blessing (original) (2:00) (Eng./French) satb a cappella ‘hymn’  AT17.2  $1.25

            Contact A Tempo for a free PDF of a flute/oboe/violin descant for AT17.2

      Sixty-fold Amen (original ) (6:00) Ssaatbb a cappella,  AT22.8  $2.25

     pdf Do not Stand at My Grave and Weep (original) (1:30) satb/sab & keyboard (also Unison)  AT35.4  $1.95 

    pdf Âme du Christ/Agnus Dei (original) (3:42) ssaat(t)bb a cappella, (quite challenging) AT43.8  $2:25

     pdf Make Me a Channel of thy Peace

     The Prayer of St. Francis over Gounod’s Ave Maria and J.S. Bach’s Prelude in C

     (3:00 - 6:00)  Solo Soprano or Tenor + satb choir + keyboard AT36.4  $1.95  

     (3:00 - 6:00) satb choir only + keyboard AT49.4  $1.95 

SATB SACRED  ORIGINAL 2. Collections & Extended

   Mass for the Caribbean

      Unison & two-part M or F voices; steel drums or piano; opt. gt

      Set AT47. Kyrie, Great Amen, Sanctus & Benedictus, Agnus Dei, Christ has Died, Lord’s Prayer

  Psalms and Canticles of Prayer, Praise and Peace

    Commissioned by the American Guild of Organists on the occasion of its convention in St. Joseph, MO, June 2003

    Complete set (59 pp) (26:00)  AT25.60  $10.95 ($13.50) if ordered as separate octavos)

    Psalm 57 (Have Mercy on Me, O God) (5:53)  ssattbb & organ  AT29.12  $2.65

      pdf Magnificat (for Women’s or Children’s voices) (5:51)  Sssa (English) & organ  AT27.12  $2.65  

    pdf Nunc Dimittis (A Psalm of Peace) (4:03)  satb & organ, optional: fl hn timp  AT28.8  $2.25

    pdf Psalm 23 (Holy One You are My Shepherd)( 4:37)  saatb & organ  AT26.8  $2.25

    Benedicite (Let the Whole Creation Bless the Lord)

        (5:02) s(s)aat(t)b; org pn 2ob 3trp 2hn 3trb timp perc hp  AT32.16  $3.70

        Psalms and Canticle may be accompanied by organ only although the presence of timpani and

        piano in  Benedicite is encouraged!

     “What a great pleasure to get to know you and your music. We have all learned to love this score.”

      Frank Thomas, première conductor

pdf Titanic Requiem

    FULL SCORE: sa(a)tb(b)+Ssolo, str.qt.+solo vc, pno, cb or synth or kybd (21')  AT23.44 $20.00

    Multiple FULL SCORE hard copies $16.00 each   

    Single FULL SCORE PDF $10.00; multiple (choir) PDFs $4.00 each

    PIANO/VOCAL SCORE: (16 pages) Choral parts + Ssolo & piano. AT23.16 $10.00

    Multiple piano/vocal score hard copies $6.00 each.  PDFs $3.00

    PARTS: SET of individual parts for all instruments.  AT23.P  Hard copies $30.00; PDFs $20.00



    Introit & Amen (original) (2:00) ssatb a cappella  AT 18.4  $1.95

    Kumbaya (An African Song arr.) A cappella or guitar AT15.2

    Listen Sweet Dove (anthem) (xx) double satb & organ  AT20.12  $ 2.65

    O praise the God who gave us birth 3'SATBAT 

     pdf O Spirit Come (anthem/introit; text:Wendy Maclean) satb+organ  AT34.4  $1.95

    pdf The Lord is My Shepherd - Psalm 23  satb/unison and guitar  AT16.4  $1.95

    pdf This little Light of Mine (Gospel) Ssatb a cappella or with guitar AT38.4  $1.95

Petition and Two Blessings

Words by Dale Skinner & Donald Patriquin (Set and individual)

Set: Various optional voicings (satb, sab, sa, unison)+kbd, opt guitar  AT42.4  $2:25   

   Lend an Ear, O Dearest Lord (Petition) (55”) Unison/satb/sab/sa+keyboard, opt guitar  AT40.1  $1.00      

   Thank You for the Love (Blessing) (45”) Unis/satb a cappella/’hymn’ acc., opt. guitar  AT39.1  $1.00   

   Lord We Thank You for Our Blessings (Blessing) (40”) Unis/satb a cap/’hymn’ acc.,  AT41.1 $1.00


   pdf Taize Chants (in the Tradition of Taizé) (Set 1) satb/sab/sa/unis a cap/kbd AT44.4 $1.95

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“Energetic, inspiring, a delight to choirs and audience members alike! ” Diane Loomer

Choral music composer Donald Patriquin is known for his energetic and inspiring music and for bringing world music to the choral stage. His compositions have been described as “sophisticated and challenging, yet accessible to all audiences”.

For more information, to contact Donald Patriquin, click here